Elphie is our little shop dog! 
She loves to meet new people and 
to teach them how to play ball!

About Us

After much soul searching Sharon, my mom and founding partner, made the hard choice to retire.  As it turned out, her decision was very timely as she was needed at home to help my dad (who is now feeling much better)!  I dread to think what might have happened to dad if mom had not been there for him! 
Mother of Purl (ie; Susan) desperately needed help and found an incredibly competent business partner in her long time friend Patty Bright!  Patty brings so many wonderful qualities to the partnership such as organizational business practices, creativity and her love of people!  We have similar business and customer service philosophies and work very well together. 
Our goal is to create a place where fiber enthusiasts like us can come together, feel at home and find lots of ideas and inspiration. Patty and I want to share our passion for yarns and all things wool with young people as well as provide a large variety of high quality fibers to our experienced customers. At Mother of Purl Yarn Shop, you aren’t just a customer, you’re a friend.
Susan & Patty